On the way to find interesting cars. Always the same recipe. On the edge of town, always an eye in side streets and backyards. And that was parked today.

A #Ford #Fiesta 1.4 GLX. Pretty 1980s look. Only real with white hubcaps. In principle the MKII was a MKI with a strong facelift. Built from 1983 to 1989. And today as good as extinct.

A #BMW 5 Series. Series E28. Probably a petrol engine, which obviously has the best time behind it.

And a #Mercedes Van, a “DüDo”. They were called that because they were built in Düsseldorf. Built from the 1960s to the 1990s. Long before the Sprinter van era, these were still old working machines that were seldom to be found in the fast lane.

Are there still #Seat Marbellas on the streets? Here a “Besito” in blue. Seat built #Fiat models under license for a long time. First the Fiat #Panda, which was originally also called Seat Panda. The Marabella was a further development. A car with nothing for little money.

And last. A #Citroen #2CV. According to the writing on the doors, the car belongs to a healer who has all kinds of charlatanry to offer. After all, it’s a pretty car.

Benni Serious

Benni Serious

It's all about classic cars, vinyl and punkrock. MG Midget and Mazda 626 Coupé owner - serious BMC/British Leyland-nut.

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